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I have experiences in various fields such as Engineering, QA Leader, Service design, Entrepreneurship. I'm combining those experiences with my passion for delivering unique products to customer. To deliver best out of my skills I seek for inspiration in Arts, Philosophy and other people, especially successful entrepreneurs.

Tomasz Szczodrowski

Tomasz Szczodrowski

Product Manager

Eagerly takes challenges, highly engages, values customer satisfaction.

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I want to be inspired
Why Facebook Messenger is more addictive, than WhatsApp?

To answer this question we have to go through basic elements of the hook model, witch is described in more details in a book: This is one of these books that made me to write many sheets of paper with pleasure of having so many insights into modern products design. Main elements of this model […]

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Events reservations, why it’s not available at Facebook?

Often when using Facebook I see events, that are redirecting their attendees to external booking site using Find tickets field. Below example: Event booking website often is used only to register users for free event, that is ticketed for some reason. What logic is behind forcing user to do few more steps, answer 2-3 questions, click register and receive ticket? […]

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Gamified referral system – part 1 vision

In heart of growth of some amazing companies are not only great products, but also referral systems, that make it possible for product to go viral through market. This kind of system, if done properly, can be your automated ninja sales team, so stakes are very high. I was asked to prepare vision for referral system […]

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